What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are 2-dimensional barcodes which can store information like website addresses, allowing people with a QR code scanner on their smartphone to be taken directly to a website with more information, without having to type in a URL.

These black and white square barcodes are instantly recognisable to people who have come across them before, knowing that they will be able to scan them to find out more information. For those potential customers who haven't seen them before, it is good to provide instructions to tell them what they are and how they can use them.

The QR Codes we provide will take potential customers to your own mobile friendly website and keep track of how many people have scanned the tag so you can see how effective your marketing campaign has been

A QR Code is a type of matrix barcode. Optical machine-readable labels are attached to items and record information related to the item. How it works

1. Point your smartphone at a printed page.

2. Scan a QR Code.

3. You will receive a message or be transferred to a special landing page, where customers can get more information about a product or be entered into a promotion. The company can decide what the QR code does for their customers.

There are many different versions of QR codes:

Version 1 (21×21)
Version 2 (25×25)
Version 3 (29×29)
Version 4 (33×33)
Version 10 (57×57)